The Cast


Very pleased to announce our new cast, with the majority Midlands based. After a tiring audition process, these talented individuals made it through and gave each character its own distinctive voice. I'm very proud to work with them all and extremely excited to get going!!

TUCO (Male 40s) - The main kidnapper - ex-military, struggling alcoholic, persuasive but can sometimes doubt his convictions.

ANGEL (Female 20s) - Tuco's partner in crime - ruled by anxiety, intelligent and caring but also willing to do whatever Tuco asks.

BLONDIE (Female 20s) - Blondie makes up the trio of kidnappers - never quite as bonded as the other two. Confident and pig-headed, her unwillingness to listen and inability to empathies for others makes her dangerous.

LEWIS (17) - A young man with a good head on his shoulders, clever and courageous, he longs to be respected by his military dad. Protective of his younger sister.

IZZY (14) - Talented and resilient, looks up to Lewis. Even though she acts confident, on her own she doubts her ability and can feel insecure at times.

ARCH (50s) - Security guard, interested in other people’s business, ex-petty criminal, not as dumb as he looks.......just!