‘When an adopted brother and his younger sister are kidnapped, the must escape before the kidnappers and their twisted relationships implode’


When adopted brother Lewis and his younger sister Izzy get kidnapped, they are brought into two rooms by three strangers. Tuco the self-assured but sometimes stressful leader, Angel who seems out of place and struggles with anxiety and finally Blondie, confident but violently unpredictable. Over the next two hours, the kidnappers start to realise they don’t share the same ideas on how to orchestrate the kidnapping, along with a love triangle that seems to start falling apart. As jealousy and hate begin to cause bitterness, the situation worsens. Tensions mount, plans unexpectedly change, then the whole reasoning behind the kidnapping comes into question. Can the children escape before the kidnapper’s relationships implode, or will they become the collateral damage of a kidnap gone horribly wrong?


Love, Jealousy, Family, Revenge.